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Mommy Makeover in Newport Beach

Mommy Makeover in Orange County

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This 37-year-old patient presented to Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center for a mommy makeover by Dr. Siamak Agha. The patient was unhappy with her abdominal tissue laxity and excess, as well as her breast size and sagging. Patient was a cup size B and wished to be a large C.

On examination, the patient was found to have a mild degree of breast sagging as well as uneven breasts. Her right breast appeared to be slightly smaller than the left breast and slightly higher. Her abdomen had a moderate degree of skin and tissue excess with separated abdominal muscles. Patient also had fullness and prominence of her waist.

During a 5 hour mommy makeover surgery, the patient underwent Dr. Agha’s pioneered high-definition, low-cut tummy tuck where the tummy tuck incision is placed into the pubic area to achieve pubic lift (monsplasty). She also had liposuction of her waist and tightening of her abdominal muscles as all our tummy tuck patients do.

Finally, the patient had a peri-areolar breast lift (Donut lift) and breast implant augmentation. The right implant was 350 cc and the left one was 325 cc. Both implants were round and smooth silicone implants.

Post-op pictures of her mommy makeover were taken at about 6 months after her surgery.